3pc Double Open-End Ratchet

Part Number: CB-56038
SAE 3pc Set
Price: $39.95  $34.95

Part Number: CB-56039
Metric 3pc Set
Price: $39.95  $34.95



*Needs only 30 degrees to ratchet
*Unique interactive grip increases with force
*Made of hardened stainless steel
*Lifetime Warranty
*Available as Combination or Single End Ratchet Wrenches
*SAE Sizes
*Metric Sizes



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The Alden Wrench is the only stainless steel, Open-End Ratchet Wrench on the market with an innovative ratcheting feature on the open end. With its strong grip and small head, it makes accessing tight work spots possible.

SAE 3pc Set Sizes:
3/8"   7/16"
1/2"   9/16"
  5/8"   11/16"
Metric 3pc Set Sizes:
10mm  12mm
13mm  14mm
15mm  17mm

Great for those "Hard To Reach" places!

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