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Big Foot 10-1/4 Circular Saw

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 The BIG FOOT SAW was invented by a professional carpenter. The saw was designed for framers and the remodeler. The BIG FOOT  Saw was originally designed for cutting 2 plates in one pass, for example two 2x4's or two 2x6's.  It was discovered that it could cut any 4x materials in one pass! The BIG FOOT Saw will cut your 4x headers, double 2x sandwich headers, exposed beams for decks, porches, 4x4 fence posts, shapeplates and seven sheets plus of 1/2" Plywood with one cut. 





The 10 1/4" Adapter Kit for the Skil & Bosch 7 1/4" worm-drive saws. The conversion kits are manufactured and sold separately from the saws. It takes approximately 15-30 minutes to install the Big Foot kit. Kit includes the new short depth slide, installation instructions, and 10-1/4" carbide blade.   



75 degree swing table will allow you to cut full bearing for 2x4 walls and 4x beams. At 72 degrees which is the back cut of a 4/12 pitch. It will cut 3 3/8" long. The swing table has all the markings on the quadrant so there is no guessing on what degree you need. The Swing Table comes complete with thumb lever assembly. Installs in 2 minutes or less. A must for all roof cutters.

Only Fits "Big Foot Saws".  Will not fit other brand saws.



10-1/4" Thin Kerf 36 tooth carbide Blade designed for a framer by a framer. It now has it's own 10-1/4" 36 tooth carbide blade. This blade also has a diamond knockout center for other diamond center saws. This blade was designed and manufactured to meet our specifications by one of the worlds top saw blade manufacturers. We have had good reviews on these blades from carpenters that have used this blade.




Big Foot 14" Saw  They've taken a skil worm-drive saw and converted it into a 14" beam saw which allows you to cut 5 3/4" deep. They call it "The BIG BOY! The 14" blade will cut all your 6x materials and 5 1/8" glu-lams or gang cut 2x6 material standing on edge in one pass. Includes Blade and Mail-In coupon for Bigfoot T-Shirt


14" Saw Blade This blade is the thinnest of its size, and its light weight helps prolong the life of your saw’s motor. The perfect blade for your 14" Big Boy Saw!

* Made from top quality carbide and high strength steel
* 1” standard arbor
* Spec. 14” 48 tooth Kerf .091



Big Foot 75 Headcutter Chainsaw Adapter

75 degree Head Cutter






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