One-Piece Rail and Stile Joint Bit

The most innovative bit for the construction of furniture doors and drawer. The new CMT One Piece Rail and Stile Bit represents two cutters in one bit. By just adjusting the height of the bit, you can cut two perfectly joining profiles with no wasted time or effort by moving the fence or changing the bit. Save money by investing in a singular CMT bit and a more efficient production. For working in stock from 23/32" to 7/8"


   = 1/4" Shank
   = 1/2" Shank
Cutting Diameter
1/2" Shank
Order No.
1/2" Shank




Spare Parts
1-1/8" bearing 791.027.00 $7.50

Stop collar for 1/2" shank 541.002.00 $6.50

Screw for bearing M5 thread 990.010.00 $.90

Shield for screw 541.551.00 $6.50


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