Window Sash Set

CMT designed this set so you can create window sashes that are as beautiful as they are functional. As an additional feature, the CMT Window Sash set will also mill perfectly joining 1-3/8" rail and stile parts for custom made doors. like all CMT quality bits, this set includes our anti-kickback design feature and our trademark orange Teflon Industrial Coating. Made of Fatigue Proof steel with carbide tips for longer life. Each set contains one 1-1/2" bit and one 1-3/8" bit designed for cutting 1-3/8" stock.
Sold only as a set. individual items not available separately.


   = 1/4" Shank
   = 1/2" Shank
Cutting Diameter
1/2" Shank
Order No.
1/2" Shank

1-1/2"-1-3/8" 858.801.11


Spare Parts

22mm bearing



Nut, M8 thread




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