Pedro the Grappling Dummy


Having limited time for training, I've been contemplating the idea of making a grappling dummy.  Buying a pre-made dummy was out of the question due to price of $500 and up.   I figured I'd try to make my own. 

My trusty assistant and I start off the day with some breakfast, then head down to Ace Hardware for supplies.  Although  I was able to find almost everything at one store, I was not able to find foam for the dummy's body.    Uh Oh,  I guess that means a trip to Home Depot.  The Home Depot shopping experience always trips me out.  The store is HUGE, and I am never able to find anything in it's vast, never ending aisles of material.  Today was no exception.  I wandered the giant warehouse in search of foam, or a sales assistant to help.  After about 20 minutes of being  lost somewhere in the carpet section (I get side tracked easily), I  found a sales employee to help me!    They didn't have any foam that he knew of, and politely  told me to piss off while he restocked the shelves.   Anyways,  I found the foam at another store in town.
Materials:  Heavy gauge wire,  foam (like the stuff to insulate pipes),  old t-shirts and rags,  duct tape (lots of it! I used 6 big rolls)
I started off by doubling up the wire and bending it into the shape of the legs, arms, and torso. I then added the pvc foam, tapped it tightly onto the wire. Basically I just tapped the shit out of the grappling dummy to give him his form.
For his head, I took a 12" stick and wrapped the top with clothes... then proceeded to wrap with duct tape.  I then taped the stick to frame body.
My helper doing some measuring for me.
Before and after "Butt Implants"
After I was finished, I decided to clean out my garage so I could train!
Afterthoughts:   I wish I would have used either thicker wire, or tripled up the wire I was using. I also need to somehow add more weight to the dummy.   Maybe I'll try to figure those problems out when I make Pedro's hermano (brother) Jaun the Grappling Dummy!