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Model 32 Hydraulic Tube Bender by JD2


- Round Tube Capacity:  2-1/2" 
- Square Tube Capacity: 2"
- Wall Thickness:  .250" DOM (at 2")
- Hydraulically Operated (requires air compressor)
- Anti-Springback mechanism standard
- 3/4" thick frame links
- 1/2" thick drive links
- Accurate Bends to 180 degrees
- CNC Machined surfaces

Model 32 Tube Bender
Price: $495.00  $395 Manual / No Hydraulics
Price: $1569.00  $1269 Air/Hydraulic (compressor required)
Price: $1995.00  $1895 Electric/Hydraulic

Dies & Pedestal Stand  NOT INCLUDED

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- View Video of the Model 32 Bender


Benders and/or Dies are shipped direct from the manufacturers in Tennessee. 

Due to current production demand, Please expect 7-10 business days for delivery.


- From The Manufacturers:  "The Model 32 is essentially a super heavy duty version of the Model 3. The Model 3 is the best selling USA made bender in the world. However, when we initially designed it in the mid 1980's it was a mechanical bender targeted at racecar builders who wanted an affordable bender which still produced high quality bends. Hydraulics wasn't added until years later.
Fast forward 25 years and builders have changed gears. Now, rock crawler builders need to bend 2" o.d. x .250" wall dom tubing and thin wall tubing is now more common then it was back then. We knew the basic principle of the Model 3 was near impossible to beat so the answer was to simply make it better. The Model 32 is the result."


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