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Chicago Brand offers high quality digital machinist tools such as digital calipers, micrometersdial indicators, squares, and other inspection gages and tools for machine shop and general use.

High quality, fully guaranteed tools at affordable prices. This translate to a "best value solution" assuring you that you have made the best purchase decision. All products are carefully inspected and backed with a One Year Warranty


Digital Calipers Instant and accurate digital readings of inside, outside, step, and depth measurements with accuracy of 0.001"

Dial Calipers fast measurement of outside, inside, step, and depth to within 0.001"

Dial calipers

Vernier Calipers Clear Dual Scale (inch and metric)
Reads to 0.001" and 0.02mm, Hardened measurement surfaces
Lockable Jaws

Vernier Calipers

20" 40" 60" 80" Digital and Vernier Calipers a wide range of Electronic and Vernier style calipers in large sizes.

Waterproof Digital Caliper IP67 Protection.

Left Handed Digital Caliper  Designed exclusively for left handed users!  .001 accuracy, mm/inch readings.

Disk Brake / Ball Joint Calipers Allows you to measure scored rotors accurately and quickly.



 Test and Dial Indicators


Dial Indicators These rugged Dial Indicators have 100 divisions per revolution with a revolution counter.

Click for Dial Indicators.

Test Indicators Designed to be positioned for easy and accurate readability. Top, rear, and front dovetail mounts make posting adapters easy.Click for Test Indicators.


Electronic Digital Indicator Makes reading simple.  Reads to 0.00005"


0-2" Dial Indicator AGD-2 Size
2 1/4" size dial,Adjustable Zero, Limits indicators
1/4" mountable lug back,3/8" stainless stem,Curved, glare-resistant face,Accuracy to 0.001"
0-2inch dial indicators


Indicator Kits


 Indicator Holders A wide variety of magnetic indicator holders, compatible with all Chicago Brand indicators.

Dial and Test indicator holders.

 Depth Micrometer used to measure the precise depths of holes, grooves, and recesses by using interchangeable rods to accommodate different depth measurements.

Depth Gages




Digital Micrometers
Outside Micrometers
Outside micrometers
Inside Micrometers
Inside Micrometers

Dial Thickness Gage

Digital Thickness Gage

Alden Wrench



 Blocks - Squares - Parallels - Precision Levels
123 Blocks
123 machinist blocks
Precision Parallels

Master Precision Level

Combination Square Set




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