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The Notchmaster Tube Notcher is no longer available.

May we Suggest...

The Sync 180JR Tube Notcher!  American Made

The Sync 180 JR has the capability of notching 3/4" through 3" tubing. Solid construction for smooth accurate cutting. Able to do angle and offset notches, this quality notcher is the most versatile notcher at this price.

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Yes it notches square tubing!


The SYNC180JR is able to mount directly onto tube!


Make it a package and save!

Features of the SYNC180 Jr
- Capacity of 3/4" to 3" Round Tubing
- Capacity of 3/4" to 1 1/2" Square Tubing
- Angles up to 60 (swing angle total to 240)
- 180 quick locate jig
- Offset Notching Ability with shims included
- All CNC machined
- Heavy duty 3/4" thick base and swing arm made from 7075 aircraft aluminum
- 1" Polished Steel shaft
- Needle bearings
- Mounting plate to clamp it in a vise
- Quick adjust slot in swing arm
- Uses bi-metal hole saws
- Requires an ordinary 1/2" hand drill
- Includes Notching Calculator (on thumb drive)
- Made in the USA!
SYNC180 Junior Notcher
Part Number: SYNC180-JR-Q
Price: $399.00 $369.00

We offer notching packages too >
Includes Adjustable Quick Release handle
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Videos of the Sync180 Junior in Use
Angled Notching

More Complex Notching






Starrett Hole Saws We recommend a quality hole saw when notching tube.
Snap Collar Locators.  Take your tube notching to the next level! They simply snap onto the tube and can be rotated or slide into position during layup. They're a handy way to keep reference especially when rotating or flipping a tube around to make a second cut. 
TWITS "Thin Wall Independent Tube Support"  Notch thin and short pieces of tube. T-WiTS will improve the clamping capabilities in most all vises, saws, and tube notchers!


Milwaukee 1/2 Drill  The perfect drill to drive your notcher. This Heavy-Duty Magnum drill is built for Industrial/Construction applications.  Currently On Special!
Tubing Centerline Finder  If you still struggle with marking centerline correctly try using a 'Centerline Finder'. You'll find that this handy tool will take the guesswork out of joining tube.
The Sync Bevel is a simple & practical tool to accurately match up the angle of two intersecting tubes to transfer the angle to a notcher. No more need to read degrees on a protractor.


Tube Notching 101
Notching made simple, a tutorial showing easy steps for making the perfect notch! 


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