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.Model 175 Tube Bender 

The RDB-175 pipe bender is a powerful machine capable of bending 2" Schedule 40 pipe and up to 2-1/2" tubing with a wall thickness of .120" mild steel.

Easy to read digital degree indicator with auto stop programming is standard on the RDB-175, gone are the days of guessing at the degree of bend. The best part of the new digital readout package is that the programming is true since that the die head (spindle) is measured instead of cylinder placement which is the only place to get as true reading of bend degree.

The RDB-175 tube bender is based off of Baileigh Industrialís RDB-150, which was first introduced in 2002, but has taken it to the next level with many improvements. The RDB-175 has ratcheting counter die adjustment for quick tooling changes. It is faster; almost 300% faster than the RDB-150 and a larger center line radius, the RDB-175 hydraulic pipe bender is capable of a 9" center line, which will take care of 90% of most applications. The RDB-175 uses a foot pedal to control the movements of the bender, leaving the operators hands free to control the material.

The RDB-175 pipe bender is capable of a 9" center line radius, and can easily bend 2 times the outside diameter depending on the wall thickness of the material. This model is a high speed version that returns at almost 300% of the bend rate, that increases production dramatically. This is a hands free model that is foot pedal controlled, great for serpentine bends like bike racks.

This is the perfect tubing bender for round pipe or tube, and square tubing. 


RDB-175 Tube Bender
Price: $7295.00

 (does not include dies)  Click Here For Die Pricing

 This Item ships direct from Baileigh Industrial - Wisconsin

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