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  SYNCNOTCHER tube notching system


The SYNC NOTCHING SYSTEM is more than just a high quality notcher. With it's innovative jigs and its unconventional approach to producing finished pieces with challenging angles, this puts the SYNC NOTCHER in a class by itself!

The SYNC180 - The heart of the SYNC NOTCHING SYSTEM. It's a quality built tube notcher and proudly made in the USA . It's a versatile tube notcher that is unlike most other holesaw-type notchers - it has the ability to cut at either side of the tube. 

This means greater capabilities for angled notches, easier offset copes, angled copes and more.

Features of the SYNCNOTCHER
- 2-1/2 round tube capacity
- 1-1/2 square tube capacity 
- 60 degree notches
- Quick clamp vise
- Top loading self centering Jaws
- Offset coping
- Angled offset coping
- Arbor w/ flats for easy holesaw changes
- Snap collar locators
- Precision center drilling capabilities
- 180 deg Quick Setup jig
- Uses inexpensive bi-metal hole saws
- Requires an ordinary 1/2" hand drill
- Made in the USA!

Visit the Syncnotcher official web page for a more in depth look at the notcher


System includes:

SYNC180 notcher
Arbor with Flats
3 Snap Collar Locators (your choice of any of the 18 tube/pipe sizes)
180 deg quick reference jig
EasyNotch Software (thumb drive)
6pc shim set (1ea - 3/4, 1/2, 3/8, 1/4, & 2ea- 1/16)
1 Sharpie 
1/4" and 5/16" hex key

Holesaws are not included, click here to add holesaws

Item: SYNC180
Price:  $599.95


Note:  When ordering,  please specify which 3 FREE snap collar sizes to include with your order.

Click here for more information about snap collars, or to order additional snap collars


Includes the EASYNOTCH notching calculator

Takes all the guess work out of notching. All you have to do is measure and mark accurately and you'll have a finished product that fits as good as anything a professional fab shop can do.

We were proud to showcase the Sync180 tubing notcher at the FabTech show in Las Vegas.  Fabtech is North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, tube & pipe and welding trade show.



Also Available...


Snap Collar Locators.  Take your tube notching to the next level! They simply snap onto the tube and can be rotated or slide into position during layup. They're a handy way to keep reference especially when rotating or flipping a tube around to make a second cut. 
Digital Angle Finder Take the guess work out of measuring angles in your tubing. It's digital and it's easy to read!!! 
TN100 Tube Notcher  Don't let the low cost fool you. This is a quality notcher that will get the job done!  Capable of notching 3/4" to 2" tubing. Made in the USA.  Don't trust the cheap imitations!
Notch Master Tube Notcher A Quality,  USA made notcher.  Copes tubing from 3/4" up to 3" diameter. The Notch Master has the ability to do "offset" copes, which is a really nice feature when working with different sizes of tube.
Model 32 Tubing Bender 
- Air-Hydraulic 
- 2-1/2"  OD Tube Capacity
- bends .250 wall thickness!
Model 150 Hydraulic Bender
- One shot 180 Degree Bends
 - 2-1/2 OD Tube Capacity
Baileigh Roll Benders
- Manual or Powered Models
- Large Radius Bends
TWITS  "Thin Wall Independent Tube Support"  
T-WiTS will improve the clamping capabilities in most all vises, saws, and tube notchers!  This tool will help you notch or cut thin wall tubing.


Milwaukee 1/2 Drill  The perfect drill to drive your notcher. This Heavy-Duty Magnum drill is built for Industrial/Construction applications.

Tube Notching 101
Notching made simple, a tutorial showing easy steps for making the perfect notch! 




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